About Us

About Us

Meet Sue and Bob, Craft Enthusiasts

Hey there! We’re Sue and Bob – your creative companions in the world of crafts. Think of us as two peas in a pod, united by a love for all things handmade.

Dolly Thorne

Seamstress in our historical past, she was the inspiration for our love and efforts in the creative of all that’s lovely in our travels with art. Though her work is no longer available to us, we know her skills and enthusiasm are in our DNA!

Diving into Our Crafty World

Our crafting journey is a vibrant mix of sewing, embroidery, knitting, crochet and art. With skilled hands and boundless imagination, we’ve turned fabrics into stories and yarns into cosy masterpieces. Join us in this compact creative odyssey where every stitch is a tale, and each creation is a masterpiece. Welcome to our world of crafted wonders!

Crafting Chronicles: From Theatres to Children’s Toys

Delving into Our Diverse Craft: From Theatres to Children’s Toys

We are ready to spill the beans on our eclectic crafting journey. Brace yourself for tales from the stage to the playroom!

Costume Design Adventures in Theatre Productions

Lights, camera, stitches! We’ve navigated the world of costume design for both amateur and professional theatre productions, where fabrics transform actors into characters and every seam tells a story.

Garments, Toys, and Soft Furnishings Galore

Our crafting escapades extend to creating garments, toys, and soft furnishings. For years, our hands have been the architects of comfort and joy, weaving stories into every thread.

Crafting Patterns for Children’s Toys

Ever thought about kids sewing their own toys? We did! Dive into our journey of designing and writing pattern books, unlocking the magical realm where children bring their toys to life, stitch by stitch.

Knitting and Art: Our Creative Passions

Why Knitting Is More Than a Hobby for Us

Knitting isn’t just a pastime; it’s our creative heartbeat. Join us as we unravel the reasons why those needles are more than just tools – they’re conduits of expression.

Joy and Fulfilment in Creating Art

Get ready for a dose of inspiration! We’re opening up about the joy and fulfilment we find in creating art, whether it’s through knitting or other forms that ignite our creative spirits.

Explore Our Creations on Dolly Thorne Creative

Feeling inspired? Dive deeper into our creative world on the Dolly Thorne Creative website. Explore, enjoy, and hey, maybe even take a piece of our art home with you!


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